Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

And in good, non dramatic news...

Yesterday evening my mommy added me to her Sam's Club Membership! Yay! Huge amounts of food! all at once!

I bought stuff for guacamole to make in my magic bullet. I don't think I put enough avocado in, though. It was very very jalapeno-ish and garlicky, and not so much avocado-y. I think the avocado wasn't ripe enough either. So I'll wait a few days and then try again. I bought a HUGE thing (6 lbs) of chips to eat with the insane amounts of guac. Yay. The sad thing about Sam's is their lack of produce. They didn't have eggplant or cabbage or jalapenos or many other things. They also tend to have lots of un-kosher stuff. I want mini-quiches, but don't want seafood cakes. TOO BAD. I want a huge thing of corndogs. TOO BAD. Oh well. It's still fabulous and you can bet I'll be buying toilet paper there.

Seana moves out mid-December. I can't wait to have my apartment to myself. I'm going to be broke constantly, but I don't care. I've lived in poverty in a crap apartment, and now I'm going to do it again, except I will have a fabulous apartment with a bedroom and an office/guest bedroom, and a fireplace, and a balcony and.. oh the joy. And it will be allll mine. I will have more than one refrigerator shelf and more room in the freezer, and an actual storage space outside with actual room for things in it!

The one thing I am going to buy is a new set of pots and pans, with Chanukah/Birthday money. I desperately need new pots and pans, cause all I have is a 5-year old $15 Wal-mart set. Oh yes. And eventually I'm going to buy a futon.

My friend Alan is stalking me. Either that, or he happened to randomly show up a couple seconds before I did at my apartment last night. I actually do think it was a coincidence, but weird. We hung out for a couple of hours and did more catching up. He's probably moving to Dallas soon, because he doesn't think there's anything left for him in Tallahassee (he just broke up with his fiance), and he plans to move in with his dad and get a better job out there. Luck to him, of course, but it's sad that when we finally start speaking again (about a week ago), he's moving. Ah, well.

I need plans for New Years. Someone needs to have a party and invite me. I'm a little burned out on the parties.

Looking forward to the Christmas Party. Looking forward to two (paid!) weeks off. Looking forward to the USY Chanukah party. Looking forward to seeing family, particularly my niece. Looking forward to celebrating Chanukah, as minor as it is.

And especially looking forward to not being trapped in drama. Will that ever happen?
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