Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

General post

I am happy that:

+ We had a real Thanksgiving at home, and didn't sell-out like we did last year, and go to someone else's house.
+ I got a special (to me) phone call on Friday, even though it had to be cut short because guests were arriving.
+ Andrea decided to stay in town for a couple more days while her car is being fixed, instead of figuring out some sort of ultra-complicated solution where she would have to go home earlier.
+ I reconnected with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Hi Charles! Hi Alan!
+ I am a complete person who doesn't need another person to feel completed.
+ I finally took down my green spider webbing
+ UF won. There doesn't seem to be very much trash-talk or anything. Maybe because it wasn't really a big game this year, since UF rocks and FSU... doesn't.

I am sad that:

- One of my best friends slept through my birthday party and didn't even offer an apology.
- Andrea's (new) car broke down, so even though it means she gets to stay in Tally, it sucks that she has to miss work
- Padfoot has a rash (probably from something in my parents backyard). We're going to the vet on Wednesday, and meanwhile he's got some blue goo to help him feel better. Poor Padfoot :(

I also have some stuff to say about relationships. Pretty much regarding the fact that I don't want one. I'm pretty content with my friends right now. I've made lots of really incredible new friends in the past couple of months, and because all of the male ones being in relationships, there's no fear. It's nice.

La de da.
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