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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

TV shows last night

I did really well on Jeopardy last night. I missed the very beginning of the game (like, the opening credits and stuff). I was doing fabulously, like getting EVERY QUESTION and feeling really smart... and then there was this guy that looked exactly like Isaac Mizrahi... and then it WAS Isaac Mizrahi... because apparently it was a celebrity tournament. Which explains why I was doing so wonderfully. Sara, one of the catergories was "11" and all the answers had to do with the number eleven. I totally dominated that category. Of course, it was simple, but yeah.

Veronica Mars was good. The ending freaked me out.

So we assume because of lack of time (what with Logan yelling "Veronica!" that the rapist did not have time to rape Veronica. Yet some of her hair was clipped off. That means that either

a) They (the TV show) wanted to show us that it was indeed the rapist that she saw
b) The rapist clips off the hair before he rapes the girls (do we actually know if he rapes girls?)

I can understand if it was just for the audience's benefit, that Veronica's head was partially shaved to show that it was the rapist indeed. But it really made me wonder.

IF the rapist shaves the girls heads before he rapes them... that's just kind of odd, isn't it? I'm having a hard time getting into the mind of a rapist, and I understand that these particular rapes are more about power than the actual sex.. but wouldn't a rapist want to have sex with a girl who still had hair? Like... people who rape and murder people. Doesn't the rape tend to come first? I know that if I was going to do something like that, I would definitely prefer to have sex with a live person and then kill them, rather than kill someone and then have sex with a dead person. This is definitely on a different level. Shaving heads is not murder. It just still seems like it would be much... sexier? to have sex with a girl with hair. Again, I understand that many rapes and particularly these are more about power than sex. And obviously rapists are a bit messed up in the head. It's just a thought.

Also, do we think that Claire shaved her own head to get attention? Considering that the guy in the ATM photo was her boyfriend, and they had been talking about raping "the blonde in the middle" and she was against the rapes, it seems like she'd want to be one of those to fight on the front lines. I bet she shaved her head herself.

And then of course, especially if the shaving happens before the rape, and the girls are drugged... do we KNOW that the rapes actually went on? I don't know how aware people are when given GHB, but is it possible that people were just assumed that they were raped, when they in fact were not? (as we thought may have happened with Veronica before we found out that Beaver raped her)

Other VM questions and thoughts about other plot points:

-I thought Kendall was dead. And I thought Keith knew that. Does he? Is she?
-Shouldn't Veronica be more thankful to Vinny for possibly saving her life?
-I'm proud of Keith, and I don't like Harmony... but I want Harmony to divorce her husband and them to get back together because I do like Elliot and Maya. Ha.
-I want Veronica to take the FBI internship. And I still like the professor guy. Unless he's the rapist, in which case I don't.
-Any ideas on who the rapist is? Do you think we already know who it is?
-Veronica and Logan are having problems, which makes me sad, because I love Logan... but if they DO break up I really want Veronica and Piz to get together. I like Piz. Emo haircuts turn me on. And I'm not glad that Logan ran away from arson. He's supposed to be my hero!
-Where the heck is Mac? And how come Veronica didn't stay with her and Parker when Piz came back into town?
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