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Some sort of update - really loooong

Where'd I leave off on actual life events?


With no work the next day, I planned to go home, do my laundry, and sleep. Life doesn't always work exactly how you plan it, and I guess that's a good thing, because Thursday was a lot of fun. After work, I went over to my parents house to change clothes, and changed into my daddy's sweatshirt (Go Gators!), my mommy's jeans, and my little sister's shoes. Then, I picked up Indira and we spent an hour and a half driving to, and waiting in line for... The Pilau*! See, Clayton had mentioned that it was that night at work earlier that day, and invited me to go along with them. And a russsssh of memories came flooding back, of going to the Pilau every year with Indira, with Sarah Thompson's family. I remembered it being great fun, and nice hot food in the cold weather. And of course, it was still just as fabulous. They have these huge fires with huge pots of soupy rice and chicken, and they serve it by scooping it out in sauce pans and dumping it on your plate. That part always reminded me of an orphanage. There's also coleslaw and crackers, and there's a huge assortment of cakes, and more sweet tea than I ever knew existed. Several thousand people come, for sure. It takes place in this huge field outside of a church in Havana. The tables are saw horses with big pieces of plywood on top, and the chairs seem to be baskets for corn husks or something. As it gets later and colder, people go huddle near the fires and stand close for warmth. It really is a nice, good time. Plus Indira got to meet Clayton and Erinn, so that was cool :)

After the Pilau I had planned to go hang out with Sara and posse, but unfortunately due to an emergency-room visit (Feel better!) the evening was pretty much called off. I dropped Indira off, ran by the parents house, and went home to bed wherrre...


I pretty much slept all day, making up for all the sleep I miss during the week. I originally woke up at 7 because my body is trained like that, and then I stayed up for a little while. Cleaned a little bit, I think. Watched the night before's episode of Grey's Anatomy, and then fell back asleep around 10.. slept till 3. Then woke up slowly, got ready for services, and thought I had an errand to run on the way, until my errand disappeared. Sooo with time to spare, I visited my surrogate grandmother of sorts, who was leaving for California for her grandson's wedding the next day. This of course got her on a little grandma-rant on how I need to be with another grandson of hers, who lives in Atlanta. I invited her to shul with me, but she had to wake up early for her plane, so she declined, but made me take several butterscotch candies with me. Met my parents at the synagogue, and afterwards at the oneg they had a chocolate fountain. It was nice to see one that actually worked. It was very cool and I had a strawberry with chocolate on it. I figured I should eat one, as to not be rude, but I still don't really like chocolate.

Saturday/Sunday (Lock-In):

I spent Saturday morning and afternoon preparing for the Lock-In. Buying food, planning activities, shopping for prizes, etc. The Lock-In started at 8 pm. It was pretty good. We had a nice crowd: Deborah, Aniko, Ashira, Sarah C, Rebecca and Stephanie (though Rebecca and Stephanie left early). A bunch of fourteen year old girls, plus me and another chaperone, David. We ate dinner, held a Havdalah service, had a very spirited Shira (song) session, played games, had activities, watched movies, and generally had a good time. Without boys to worry about, it was easier to actually go to sleep - I didn't have to worry about teenage hormones going crazy. So I fell asleep maybe around 3. The girls fell asleep around 4 or so (according to Deb, who stayed awake till 5). We woke up at 8:30ish and made about 120ish peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the shelter. Everyone was picked up around 10ish, and then we crammed everything into my car very tightly, and I dropped one of the girls off, then Deb and I went to the shelter to drop the food off, and then I brought Deborah home. We had some leftover pizza, so I stayed to eat lunch over at their house, and lunch turned into all day.

After lunch, we (mom, Deb and I) went shopping. Well, first I shopped through Deborah's giveaway pile (which reminds me, I left my clothes at their house) and then we went shopping at the mall, where I was bought three Chanukah presents (Two pairs of shorts and a pair of pants, to be received in mid-December after I've forgotten about them). Lots of clothing sales, and my mommy bought the most beautiful dress ever. Okay, not "beautiful" maybe but certainly cute, and she'll hopefully find a place to wear it.

Then we stopped at Publix to get food to make for dinner (london broil, salad, artichoke, and I made mushroom mashed potatoes. I think I'm going back over there today after work for dinner again, because when we got home Deb was asleep in the car (and stayed asleep), and my dad was asleep. So my mom and I ate a little bit but yeah, there's much left over. I was very tired by the time I left there at seven or so, but when I got home I was slightly more energized and planned to stay up for Desperate Housewives. Didn't happen. I fell asleep around 8:30.

And now I'm at work. Done with my book, so I don't have really anything to do, until we get the 9-am crowd who saw the ad we put in the paper. Oh yeah, we're hiring. Material Handler (works in the stockroom). Starts at $8.50/hr. Apply today!

*pronounced Pearl-o

10 days
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