Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

The fair is a verrrrritable smorgasboard! -orgasboard! -orgasboard! affffter the lights go ouuuuuut.

I posted more pictures last night after the haunted house one, and I can't
check now.. but those never seemed to go through. I wonder if I've used up
my picturemail limit on LJ or on Verizon or something.

My stamp won't come off from last night. Scrubbing for fifteen minutes and I
still have an obnoxious orange "RAIL" stamp.
EDIT: Advanced Business Systems Guy 'John' just gave me some
intensely strong rubbing alcohol to get it off. Voila! It worked! And my
hand turned white. So glad I had lotion here. (fifteen minutes later): and
now it kind of burns. Ouch.

I lost my voice. Or at least some of it. That's what I get for screaming so
much. Particularly on "Freak Out" -- used to be known as "The Claw." Easily
the best ride I went on. Starship 3000 u.k.a. "Gravitron" wasn't anything
like what I expected. People were talking about floating all around, and
really, all we did was rise up. Moving hurt, because we felt so heavy.
Instead of a lack of gravity, which is what I expected, we got really really
intense gravity. It was a very odd feeling. I didn't get to ride the Ferris
Wheel (for a number of reasons) and some witch in line for the Tornado
actually called security or something saying that Ken, Sab, and Josh had
broken in line. They had been in line from the beginning, saw Nicole
Poppell, walked ten feet away to say hello, came back, and that apparently
means that they broke in line. So we didn't ride the Tornado. Umm... We also
went on one of the thingies that goes around and around and up and down and
backwards. And on the haunted house.

Jay knows I'm single again. I don't know how it would be if he were already
done with his divorce, but as of now, I find myself actually being mean to
him so myself and others don't get the wrong impression. I don't think I
mean to be mean to him, I guess it's some sort of defense mechanism thing.
Still, he was very nice to me. It's always nice to have a fair buddy.
Someone to sit next to you on rides. There were seven of us (me, Sab, Ken,
Sara, Andy, Jay, Josh) so it was bound to be awkward. It actually ended up
working okay, as not everyone wanted to go on every ride.

I ate fair food. Yup. I had a(n all beef) corndog. It was every bit as
fair-foody as I expected it to be. And I had some nachos. I didn't see deep
fried twinkies anywhere, though I doubt I would have actually gotten one.

And for you anditut: Sara took a picture of me and a Carnie
(stay away! they bite peoples heads off! geeks!). It was the guy who was
saying we had to see the gigantic 100-pound rat. Yes, I know they exist.
I've seen pictures. I was a LITTLE tempted to see an ROUS up close, but

I also didn't see the Headless Woman (be careful! lots of medical
equipment!) or the Tiny Woman (twice as small as her eight year old son!)

I saw: Michael Mears, some chick that I knew from somewhere that Sara knew
too, Nicole Poppell, Samantha Poppell, Tullos Peavy (and whoa some drama is
about to start), Lauren Crombie, and I spotted a Lincoln Band booth where I
knew some people from working the games with them. I *think* that's it on
people spottings, but someone let me know if I missed someone!

And one more thing: I definitely DEFINITELY endorse Motion Sickness Bands
from CVS. They are teh fab. I still had a headache, but that was from the
smoke, not the crazy rides.
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