Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Rabbit Rabbit and wishlist

tboneblue inspired me. Of course, his wishlist is for Christmas, which is almost two months away. Mine's for my birthday and Chanukah, both of which are before Christmas. 22 days till I turn 22. I'm really not good at the wishlist thing anymore. I have everything that I need. I don't have that many wants. But here it goes:

I will be 22 in 22 days (Nov 23). Chanukah is in 1 1/2 mos (Dec 16)

-firewood (duraflame is okay)
-wine glasses that match my current ones (can be found at World Market, see me for prototype) ($2.99/ea)
-green bags that I saw on an informercial that keeps your fruit & veggies fresh ($4) (get some for yourself, too, these are supposedly fabulous)
-generic welcome mat (Now, if you can get one that ACTUALLY SAYS "generic welcome mat" that would be best, but I just mean a regular one)

Sort of cheapish
-5lb - 10 lb weights ($10ish?)
-Subscription to People magazine ($20ish?)
-(soft) throw pillows. NO FLOWERS.
-tablecloth for 3'x4' oval table. NO FLOWERS.
-DVD: Cannibal the Musical (FYI: Vivi, I bought Into The Woods, we'll never have to try to rent it again!) ($20ish?)
-freestanding (not to be nailed into a wall) spice rack with spices.
-Books: Son of a Witch, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Wicked, Mirror Mirror, Fight Club, Choke, Diary, Lullaby,
-chairs that 'sort of' match my current dining room ones

Not cheapish
-New set of pots and pans, I like the silver Cuisinart ones at Bed Bath and Beyond ($120ish)
-poking stick thingies for my fireplace ($50ish?)
-ipod speakers/dock ($60-$150ish)
-guitar lessons (not a book or tape, but with a real person) ($?)

no price
-gift certificates to Amazon, Target, Publix, ThinkGeek, Olive Garden (mmm, crack)
-Money is always nice. I like electricity and housing (any amount). I also like my brakes.
-Time, sleep, and other limited resources (if you can figure this out, you will not be lacking for money)
-Original art by you! Nicely framed and able to display on walls.

Padfoot's Chanukah wishlist:
Frontline (6 mo supply = $50ish)
toy that squeaks easily ($5)
breath mints ($3)
pretty dress ($10-20)
fur clipper/shaving device ($40ish)

Happy 1st day of November.
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