Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Ron is in ICU. He was in a hit and run accident. They got the guy, he's in jail.
Ron broke his leg, messed up his foot royally, may have broken his shoulder or something, has already had surgery once, is scheduled again for surgery today, and should be fine. He's able to talk but is currently having a bunch of tests done on him. I'm going there during lunch.

From the fsu_noles community:

I am Tboneblue's dad. To those of you who know him slightly...if you heard there was a guy hit by a hit and run driver early Saturday morning by Potbellies, it was him. To those of us who know him well and love him. He is in TMH in the Neuro-ICU. It isn't as bad as it may seem. He has a seriously broken left leg which has already been operated on once, and will require at least one more operation on Monday. He has a very bad concussion, but, is recovering from that very quickly to the utter amazement of the doctor's an nurses! He is coherent, lucid, and remembers just about everything except anything about the accident, which is quite typical of an accident involving a head injury. Other than that, he just looks like he was in a pretty bad bar fight. I am sure pictures will be posted somewhere along the line by some of his closer friends. One of the things that has come out of this, that I hope everyone will take to heart. Let's all agree to amend the old saying "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." Let's all add "Friends don't let friends WALK alone drunk", as well. In my conversations with the police, it was said that it was a contributing factor. Fortunately, the police have the "perp" in custody, but, the costs to Tboneblue will be devastating financially, even though he has medical insurance. It is never paid 100% by the insurance. In addition, it is highly unlikely that the "perp" has any insurance.

I am not a poster to LJ as a rule. Please spread the word, and cross post this entry at will. If you know Tboneblue, try to stop by and see him...Monday would probably not be a good day for this, btw, as he will be in surgery most of the day. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Oh, he seems to have lost his wallet. He last remembers having it at Bullwinkle's on Friday night. I called there, and they do not have it. If you know anyone who may have found his wallet, get it to his roomies, friends, or just reply here. Thanks again.

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