Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.


Oy, the weekend.

Friday night:

I had intended on going to services, and then decided not to, then decided to but didn't really want to... but my decision was made for me... I spent at the hospital with a friend (the friend wasn't a patient, her dad was). I hung out for many (5?6?) hours for moral support. Sean brought her dinner, which was extremely nice of him, and we were extremely grateful.

- D'Var Torah went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, both what I had to say and the level of interactivity involved for the children.
- Certamen was fine. Finally got to meet the highschool-turned-college celebrity Justin Byrd, and got to talk to teacher-celebrity Craig Bebergal when I scorekept for him. Deborah's team did okay. Not wonderfully, but there was no "yet to score" situation in sight. Billie Cotterman is now the new Rickards Latin teacher. She was a senior when I was a freshman at Godby.
- Dinner and anniversary celebrations were fabulous. I've never gotten so many approving compliments/stares at my dress. I wore a red fabulous salsa-y dress, and he had a bright red tie to match. Twas fabulous. Dinner was also fabulous, and the fabulousness only continued.

-USY meeting went well, I guess. I finally figured out the right amount of food, without sixty billion pounds of leftovers. Discussions went well, we held elections, and we talked about the upcoming convention, which is unfortunately NOT on one of my Fridays off. Will wait for a better day to ask my boss about taking that Friday off, though.
-I had Deb for a little while after the party, so we went to Target to get some stuff*, and then went over to my apartment to finish decorating. None of my laundry detergent glows, man! Need to talk to Kendal about that, if I can ever reach her. We bloodied up the apartment, though, and it looks good. I cannot wait for Friday night.
-Fell asleep shortly after 6 pm, cause I'm lame. Missed Desperate Housewives completely. Woke up around 11 thinking it was already morning, and then stayed up for a little bit.. and then finally fell asleep around 1ish. With ALL that rest, you'd think I'd be able to wake up on time this morning.. which I probably could have done provided my alarm wasn't set for 'weekend time'

*Chocolate for chocolate fountain
Tide + paintbrushes for black light glowiness, which unfortunately didn'twork!
Toilet paper, because .. yeah. Don't wanna be without that.

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