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Rosh Hashanah/Days of Awe survey

When do I most feel that my life is meaningful?
When someone changes their mind to become more open because of something I've said
Inspiring someone to care
When I make a new good friend
During Saturday morning services, when the ark is open and we sing "Atz Chaim"

How often do I express my feelings to those who mean the most to me?
It depends who it is. With some people I express my feelings too much. With others I may not physically express them at all, but it's understood through eye contact or other actions.

Are there any ideals I would be willing to die for?
You never know until you're put in the situation. If I absolutely knew that my death could cure diseases or that peace would be established in the middle east, I'd surely do it. But would I fight on the front lines? Obviously not, because I have that choice and chose not to take it.

If I could live my life over, would I change anything?
I'd be afraid that I'd screw up the future. Idealistically, if I could change certain things and have other outcomes unaffected, then yes. Several things would be changed.

What would bring me more happiness than anything else in the world?
Like Matthew said, I'll never know until it happens, but I suppose...:
Raising a loving, intelligent, respectful family
Making an important discovery about the classical world
Enough money to not have to lack anything I need

What are my three most significant achievements since last Rosh Hashanah?
Learning when to and knowing how to quit a relationship
Living alone and becoming my own complete person
Many achievements within Literacy Volunteers

What are the three biggest mistakes I've made since last Rosh Hashanah?
Losing my two best friends
Not working hard enough with Literacy Volunteers
Not realizing when certain things were too important to me to give up

What project or goal, if left undone, will I most regret next Rosh Hashanah?
Again, hard to predict the future:
Going back to school
Doing well at Talla-Tech

What are my three major goals in life?
To be happy is my only goal, which can be achieved through doing things previously mentioned.

What practical steps can I take in the next two months toward these goals?
A) Register for classes
B) Maintain a healthy relationship
C) Stop slacking

If I could give my children only three pieces of advice, what would they be?

What is the most important decision I need to make this year?
Where/when/how/why to go back to school.

What important decision did I avoid making last year?
The school thing.

When do I feel closest to God?
Atz Chaim. I don't know what is so powerful about that prayer, but standing in a synagogue with everyone singing while looking at the Aron Kodesh (ark), it just seems so harmonious and peaceful

What are the most important relationships in my life?
Daughter to my parents
Sister to my siblings
Friend to my friends
Teacher to anyone who will listen

Over the last year did those relationships become closer and deeper or was there a sense of stagnation and drifting?
My family relationships continued to grow steadily. My friendships were much rockier and rollercoaster-like. I became MUCH closer to Sabrina, became closer to Bobby, gained and then lost friendship/love with Ron, and lost friendships with my two best friends, Indira and Justin.

If I could change only one thing about myself, what would that be?
I'd be much more disciplined.

If I could change one thing about my spiritual life, what would it be?
I like Matthew's answer here, so I'll keep it and then comment. He said, "I'd find a way to meld my feelings of spirituality (which are real) with my religious ritual (which is too often dull and empty)."
At the synagogue, I dislike reading responsive readings. Somehow putting English words to what I'm saying doesn't describe it. It's odd, but I prefer to say things in Hebrew which I don't understand. Sometimes it's me making up my own translations for the Hebrew when I say it, so that even though the meaning may be entirely different, I'm saying exactly what I want to. When I am understanding and have attachment and connotation to the English words, I am unable to attach spiritually to the words I'm saying.

On a scale of one to five (five being the highest), how important are the following to you? (Assume a forced average of ~3)

Family: 5
Being well educated: 3
Making a contribution to my community: 2
Marriage: 5
Spirituality: 2
Being well liked by acquaintances: 2
Acquiring fame and celebrity: 2
Financial success: 3
Being Jewish: 4
Success in my career or profession: (assuming my profession is something I care about): 4
Helping other people: 4
Achieving peace of mind: 4
Having children: 4
Living in the home of my dreams: 2
Acquiring self-knowledge: 3
Giving my children a strong Jewish identity: 4
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