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Padfoot has some seriously beautiful curls happening. They look delicate and soft and beautiful. I am so jealous (I have approximately the same thing going on, though). He and I took a nap together earlier. We're adorable.

I love Ilan. He is such a doof. A perfect-for-me doof :) Last night was pretty much awesome. Can a night get better than It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia + California Chicken Grill? I think not.

The one downside is that my face is completely raw, because kissing a ruggedly handsome scruffy man for hours can feel a bit like sandpaper after awhile.

I'm ordering Frontline with my reward points from my Amazon card. Whee. I love free things.

Oh, and I invested in Elbit, Google, and Apple. Not a full share of any of them. $20, $50, and $40. Maybe I'll figure out how to do this, for real, and get rich from trading stocks. Who knows. It doesn't hurt to know how to play the game.



Things I did today:

  • Class, obviously. And started writing my speech for said class.

  • Installed a Pür water purifier on my kitchen sink faucet. So much better than just the pitcher. It and I fought for a long time, apparently it's lefty-tighty righty-loosey. I mean, not really. it's just that the thing I was turning was the hole, not the screw. Ugh. Oh well. It's done now, which means it was worth it.

  • Put up a small three-hook fixture in my bathroom to hold hair stuff. It was necessary. And it's pretty. And it matches.

  • Hung a shower caddy in my bathroom to hold my super heavy bottles of shampoo and conditioner -- if I put them in the pockets on my shower curtain (best invention EVER), it makes it too heavy, and makes my tension shower rod fall down.

  • Almost bought a white ferret. I would have named him Malfoy. But it was a girl, pet upkeep is expensive, and I can't afford it.

  • Found out that dude next door really DID disappear, except his car is back and apparently abandoned.

  • Left a mean message for the management company about said car, and stack of mattresses/falling apart furniture outside the house.It's gross and disgusting and I don't want it here.

Welcome to the summer of death.

Requiescat in Pace, Patrick Swayze.
Me, all sweaty, after today's gardening fun (you can see the house that is no longer occupied by idiots behind me):

Picture from before I bought the house. Recently, it's been more barren than this, but this was my only "before"


The liriope runs in front of the driveway, too. I think I'm going to put solar lights in between them.

Left side:

Right side:

Adv Article and Essay - Assignment 1

This is due Friday. The assignment is 1000 words on "Interior or Exterior Space" -- and to be as creative as we want with that topic. I chose to be fairly literal, and write about a space that was enclosed, but exterior.

We'll workshop this in class an awful lot-- and this is just a rough draft-- but I'd appreciate opinions. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty.

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You're waiting to get to the cashier at your grocery store. You're

in line
on line

Geography: My parents are from/ I was born in/ I live in

schedule change-ups

No idea what I'm going to do for a minor. I'm a little pissy at the Computer Science people right now, and don't even particularly want to think about it. Yes, I know I'll have to. I was ditched from my C++ class and got rid of my other online computer course.

Instead of thinking about stuff for my minor, I'm putting my energy into begging professors with openings for spots in their Adv fiction classes.

And, I'm signing up for a one-credit Stretch and Relaxation class. I had Aerobic Dance first, but this will likely be more helpful to me. Plus, I'll have free time before it to go work out at Leach.

I also signed up for a Theories of Composition class that sounds insanely interesting.

So if I don't choose a minor this term, I'll at least have gotten out of the way the English elective I'll need (the CLEP didn't count because it had to be 3000/4000 level:(), the Intermediate Foreign Language, the Speech, and at least one of the Adv writing workshops. If I can get another one, awesome.

Which leaves just the classes for my minor. I wonder if you can take four different psych classes with no pre-reqs in one semester?


Water heater update

I'm having a Bradford White Water Heater installed tomorrow morning around 8:30. It doesn't make sense for me to get a tankless - even though they might be cheap to buy they'd have to redo a bunch of electrical stuff to install. And I don't have $2800. I just don't.

The guys I'm going with have good ratings. Both Home Depot and Lowe's recommended them. They quoted me a much lower price ($450) and were really nice about telling me exactly what was wrong, what needed to be fixed, etc.

The truth is, my water heater is 29 years old, and it needs to be replaced. It could be fixed for $150, but it'a not going to solve my problems, just prolong them. The tank is about a third of the way full of calcium. The guy banged on it a little and I could tell exactly what he was talking about. Plus, the money I'm going to save electricity wise will probably make up for the new heater in less than a year.

This is probably also just a good investment in my home. I wouldn't buy a house with a 29 year old heater (though apparently I bought one with a 27-year-old one). Never again.


First Day

I knew parking garages filled up early, but I didn't think I'd need to leave my house more than two hours early. Seriously. Because today I left two hours early, and the garage near my class was full. Why then, do they let people into it? There was a long line in front of me that had to turn around, and a longer line behind me that would have to. Can't they monitor when the garage fills up so that people don't have to waste TWENTY MINUTES going through the maze? I parked in the garage near my second class, so not all was lost. I never thought I'd want to see more parking garages. How many trees am I willing to give up for educational convenience? More than yesterday.

So now I'm sitting in my Latin class and I've realized I forgot my notebooks in the car. I'm going to have to go by there before my next class. Hopefully the two sheets of slightly-crumpled notebook paper will suffice for this morning. For whatever reason I don't want to take notes on my laptop. Unless almost everyone is doing it. I don't want to be that person. I hate that person. Besides, I can't afford distractions. This class is going to kick my butt. I haven't taken Latin in eight years.

This building is very old and seems to lack A/C. Gross.

I'm strongly considering dropping C++. I really don't feel like working as hard as I'd have to in there. But that just means I'd be putting it off for next semester, which puts three programming courses in one term, and I don't think I'd be able to handle that either.
Oh, and it'll be about $650 to replace my water heater. It's 29 years old. Better to replace than have fixed.

And I just got about 20 bug bites while in my laundry room reading stuff to the guy I think I'm going to use.


I am crawling into bed and going to sleep.
My water wasn't getting hot, so I checked my breakers, and it was set to "on" but was red. That means the breaker tripped, right? I moved to off and back to on, how long should it be before I have hot water? It's been about fifteen minutes.


High enough to exceed program requirements. Not high enough to brag about. It's pretty much what I expected for someone who feels she's gotten dumber since high school, and didn't study for the test at all.

I didn't get to see my writing score at all, which I'm confident will be better than either the English or the Math. I'm not sure how works with program requirements, but hopefully a library program will want to factor in that score.

Weird thing: for the first time ever, I didn't finish a section. Normally I finish with time to spare. In this case, I had ten questions left to go and three minutes to do it. Hello, Christmas Tree.

I'll not worry about it for now. If my GPA starts to drop (like, below a 3.0) and I need a higher GRE score to compensate for it, I'll study, and I'll take it again.

And next time, I'll also know where the testing center is. I knew where it was this time, too. Three days ago, I got an e-mail with the address and directions. Except, it wasn't there. It put me in a generally bitter mindset.

My Life Story

Stacy drew my life story! It's awesome, check it out :)

Focus of the blame.

He beats her. "Why is she still with him?"
She was raped. "Yeah, right." ; "She was asking for it."

Why is this? Why is our automatic annoyance toward the victim?

If a male was raped or being beaten, would the blame still be shifted?

Are there other situations besides rape and abuse where this happens?

I have lots of thoughts on this, I'd like to hear yours.

Aug. 7th, 2009

For Debbie (to watch this one is necessary):

For Sara:

For Lauren:

to do

2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique

5 page Critical Theory paper (due Thursday in class)
Othello assignment
Shakespeare Extra Credit

Study for Critical Theory Final Exam (Thursday at 10:30)
Study for Shakespeare final exam (Thursday at 3:45)
Revise Short Story (due Thursday at midnight)

-Call CB about doing my lawn. See if they do hot tubs. BEG if they do hot tubs.
-In the next week, finish filling out Roth IRA paperwork that they will send.
-Decide what to do about insurance for 1/1/10 (by November, but the sooner the better)
-Get ready for Deborah's homecoming
-Get ready for Ilan's move! Make house very pretty!
    -plant new azaleas where the dead ones are
    -clean hot tub
    -plants for out front?
    -pedicure? (anyone wanna come with?)
-book vacation and/ or sell vacation to use points through end of year.
I had a pretty major anxiety attack today.

I have so much stuff to do. Quite overwhelmed. I took my anxiety medication and hopefully will feel better very soon.

The semester is over on Thursday. Here's what I need to do before then:

2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
2 page short story critique
5 page Critical Theory paper
Othello assignment
Shakespeare Extra Credit
Study for Shakespeare final exam
Study for Critical Theory Final Exam
Revise Short Story

First draft - Plastic Daisies

This is just a first draft. All criticism welcome.

I should point out to everyone that criticism isn't just the bad stuff :-P

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Before the brown thumb of death:
Golden Pothos and Basil
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The Golden Pothos is outside, I didn't take a picture, here's the basil & some other stuff

On my windowsill

Plants on my window
Originally uploaded by thisgirliknow4
Random bamboo plant thing, leaves of night blooming cereus, rosemary (will rosemary grow from sprigs?) , and basil.
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To my food:

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I finally gave in and emailed my professors about not being able to finish assignments this weekend and not being in class on Monday. It's something I really really didn't want to do but at this point it's pretty necessary. There's no way. I hope my e-mails were coherent. I have been having a problem with coherence and I forgot to feed Padfoot last night and this morning, what kind of mommy does that?

I remember that earache a year ago. Maybe you do too. And seriously, its not anywhere near that bad. I don't have to scream in order to not be dying, like I felt before.

But it is really really awful. Lots of pain, both ears. Swollen. Nose totally stuffed. Hard to breathe.

Simply the best kind of procrastination

(as said on Facebook):

I'd like to thank my Fiction Technique professor for the motivation to have done the following things: Re-organize my linen closet, scrub my shower, replace my air filters, create holders for hair bands and random jewelry, rearrange my living room, move furniture into my office, clean out my sunroom, sort through and donate old clothes, sweep, mop, and dust. There's so many things I can do instead of writing!


I've been really happy lately. It's amazing how having one thing in your life go so incredibly wonderfully makes you not sweat the small stuff. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, etc. I just feel so productive and alive and useful. Even today, when all I've done is sleep on and off all morning. I am so in love :)

I think I've realized recently that I'm happier not discussing politics as much as I used to. I certainly want to have a grasp of what's going on, and there's no doubt I will have strong views-- but for the past many years I've gotten some crazy thrill out of debating people who won't change their mind. I'd like to think that I've learned some things from people who are so stagnant in their [opposite] beliefs, and I'd like to think that they saw that I had some good points as well. I'm not saying I'm done, but I'm calming it down, for at least a little while. It's simply not worth it.

I've also not had much other drama in my life. When I think of drama, two people come to mind- Indira and Rob. And I've not had to deal with either of them in so long, and my life is so drama free! I also think that reading celeb drama keeps me satiated.

Today my midnight blue Asus Eee 10.1 inch computer should arrive. Hopefully. I'm pretty excited about it's usefulness. Now I just need a name.

I need a Street Name too. For me, not my computer. Ever since I heard about this [criminal?] named Seaweed, I've longed to have one. And none of that first-name-spelled-backwards-and-street-you-live-on crap.

Remember when the word live was in? It was short lived. Maybe 1997-1998. Meaning: cool! radical! awesome! I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the word "live" (the verb) and misread it in my mind.
Do we currently have any words in our language (maybe only regionally) that are new, and have the same sort of meaning? (haha, fetch)

I feel bouncy and random. I shouldn't be allowed to drink orange juice. Way too much sugar.

School stuff

This weekend:
Read Othello / prepare for Othello exam
Read Historicism chapter
Write 500 word Magical Realism story

By Monday night:
Write 8-10 page short story

I dropped my Web Design class for the fall and added an easy, online, introductory class that they just approved to be part of the minor. My schedule seems much easier and much more plausible now, though I am still taking sixteen hours, five classes.

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I always feel more adorable when I'm wearing hipster underwear. I don't mean emo glasses and tight jeans and plaid shirts underwear, I mean, they go on your hips.

Today I felt really really adorable. I even wore a headband (awww). I was going to take pictures, but after I got home... I didn't.

I got this sudden burst of need to clean and reorganize things. I have my office back! My sunroom still has a few things in it, but it's otherwise all back in my office (but super neatly and awesomely). I set up my desktop again. Yay office.

I also rearranged my living room a little, my dining area a little, and my kitchen a little. Nothing huge, but I feel better. I definitely prefer my garbage can in it's new spot. And what a difference it makes to have moved my sofa! Or opened my kitchen blinds!

Tomorrow (if I have time) I'm going through every single piece of my clothes, and getting rid of stuff.

It's amazing how needing to do a project for school (in this instance, write a short story) can inspire one to do EVERYTHING BUT THAT.

Me and my alter ego :)

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School/career/grad school

I took a CLEP test today. I passed it. Now I won't have to take my English elective, since I just got credit for AML1000. Barely, but I did. 53/100. Passing is 50. Whatever.

Now I'm trying to take the Computer and Information Systems CLEP, and ironically, the CLEP server isn't working and the IT guy can't reboot unless there aren't any other test takers. And there's one. He should be done soon. He's being slow. His test ends at 2:35 at the latest. Hurry up, skeeze.

Assuming I pass this next CLEP, I'm going to minor in Computer Science. Way more interesting to me than Sociology or Psychology,

Which makes this my schedule for the fall:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'll need two more minor courses, which I will take in the spring. I'll also need another Advanced Workshop, and I think another 4000 level class. And then I'll be done. Wheeeeee.

Grad blabber, since I have time

I've pretty much decided to do the Masters in Library and Information Science.
I'll probably end up doing a track in General Librarianship or more likely, Reference Services. The entire thing is 36 hours, which I figure is two-ish years of grad courses. The general courses seem interesting, the tracks seem awesome, and I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do. Look at me, making decisions!

I am going to apply to a few other programs as back-ups, but I think this is my definite first choice.
I should be studying for my Critical Theory exam tomorrow, but instead I'm at Strozier playing on the computer. It's nice to have a keyboard in which the "a" key is working.

The exam shouldn't be too bad. New Criticism, Structuralism, Deconstruction, and Feminism. I'll re-read the chapters tonight, look over my notes, and maybe make some flash cards. I'll probably do okay on the exam. I just "get" this stuff. This is probably because I am awesome.

I am going to have to learn my way around campus better. While at FSU, I've had all my classes in the same building (except one, which was right next door). They've also been at night (when you can park wherever) or one after the other, so I only walk to class and back. Today, however, in my two-hour break, I explored. And I may have gotten a tiny bit lost, but that's okay. I wish I was better with directions.

For the fall I have my Adv non-fiction workshop, a speech class (hoping Sara can get into the same one), two Latin class (I intend to drop one), and a Major Figures in Lit class (I don't know what major figures yet, I will e-mail the prof today to find out). I haven't signed up for Sociology or Psychology classes yet because I still need to take the CLEP. Probably Friday morning, depending how much homework I get done Thursday night. I don't want to have to think about homework while in Orlando with Ilan this weekend. (:):):):):):))

The laptop keyboard that DELL promised would be here yesterday at the latest was not. I called them again, apparently it was backlogged. They expedited it. Which they said they did last time too. Hopefully it actually comes. They said tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. We'll see.

I have been getting lots of packages lately. A present, my hair stuff, more hair stuff, some things from Amazon. I also sent a few. I sold some textbooks on Amazon, and I sent Kalina some presents (Matthew, look for them in five-ish days).

I am exhausted. I drank caffeine in the hopes of waking me up. In about thirty minutes I will probably be jumping. I drank a whole twelve oz. of diet coke. That's more caffeine than I've had in a year.

I need a Marc with a C T-shirt. He sold some at Nerdapalooza. He said he'd put the rest online. This is necessary.

Everyone is pregnant or trying to get pregnant or otherwise has baby-fever. You kids are crazy. I am so not ready to have children. Ask me in 2015. Yeow, remember when 2015 was a long time away?

I ate a hotdog today. It was delicious in that very gross sort of way.
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A biology/math problem for you:

Melissa has brown eyes. Both of Melissa's parents have brown eyes. Melissa's brother has blue eyes. What are the chances Melissa is a carrier for blue eyes?

(I figure, punnet-square style, 66%)

DevaCurl - for the first time

So my DevaCurl system came in the mail yesterday, and I tried it out today. This is the system that Vivi's friend Raquel uses that made me ogle her hair all weekend in Atlanta.

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Things, on 7-8-09

Debbie is seventeen today, happy birthday to her! She's visiting Crazy Kabbalah Dude today, one who said "awesome" about a hundred times over our hour-visit. I told Ilan that she was visiting the same guy I visited, and he's like, "that guy in Tzfat?" Apparently he's a staple!

From Tzfat, Deborah is going to Jerusalem, and staying there for a couple weeks. Hearing about her trip has really made me want to go back to Israel.


One of my friends keeps making me mad lately, through what seems to be no fault of his own. Everything he says just keeps annoying me. I don't know if it's him or me, but I feel like I want to fight every time I talk to him.


I missed my first class today. I have a pretty awful earache. I seriously considered missing my other two also, but I really can't do that. I really don't understand why I keep getting sick -- or have I just not gotten fully better? Therefore, I'm taking a bit of time away from him and seeing what happens. I seriously can't figure this out.

Tonight I'm packing my bag and probably my computer for the trip tomorrow. I'll drop them off at my parents house, and then Thursday morning Jen will pick me up and take me to school. My mom will pick me up at 3:30 (I'm missing Shakespeare), and we'll be off!


Today is 7-8-09 and that's cool. My birthday will have an even cooler effect in 2058.

11-23-58. I'll particularly enjoy it at 13:21.

Short story

My first short story since I was four, when I wrote "The Goat That Had Two Heads"

The writing exercise was to read Chekhov's Misery and write a sort of character-sketch story where a big event has recently happened, and to show the aftermath.

Here's my take on it.

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Happy "IN YOUR FACE, Britian" day :)

Had a great time at Bobby's annual 4th of July party. Was there for nine hours. Tis a long party! Met my Advanced Article and Essay prof for the fall, he's a member of Bobby's barbershop chorus. I'm even more excited about it now. Cool guy.

Ate two hamburgers. More beef than I've eaten in awhile, but I've been working up to it. Soon I'll be able to eat it without getting sick! Woo.

Everyone ate my roasted veggies. YES. I GOT THESE PEOPLE TO EAT VEGETABLES. Rock.

I also had a brownie, which was stupid. I don't like brownies. But the old guy offering me one looked so hopeful.

Lots o' people. Lots o' babies. Only had to do the flying trapeze once with Savannah and three times with Liam.

Lots o' fireworks. Hundreds. Pretty. Fire. Ooooh, Fire.

And Guitar Hero, which made me want to get Rock Band, until I found out Ilan owns it. Sweet.

Use Givoogle.

Old Navy Flag Family

Old Navy Flag Family
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Bobby, Jen, and baby Savannah :)

Roasted veggies

Roasted veggies
Originally uploaded by thisgirliknow4

Here they are, raw. I'm going to have to flip them several times anyway, so this time I'm going layered and mixed. Layered because I don't have a big enough baking sheet. Mixed because I tossed them in olive oil, in a bowl, and then when I dumped them out, I didn't feel like separating. This is also why I made them all rosemary, not just the potatoes.

Tonight's fare: Asparagus, carrots, potatoes, sugar snaps, mushrooms, onions, daikon raddish
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